Adore Your Walls

It may just be a KickStarter kind of week! I was going through my Facebook feed and saw a friend post Liz Lidgett’s (Kate Wagner’s sister..past dreamer) Adore Your Walls Kickstarter and had to see what it was all about.

Adore Your Walls, Liz Lidgett


Liz wants to make sure everyone can have art in their homes affordably and conveniently. Her project will help fund the website she has in mind to deliver such services, and she only has 23 days left to do so.

For those who donate $50, they’ll get a limited edition original print. Liz has some other great bonuses for backers as well. Go check it out and see if you’d like to help support her dream! I know if I didn’t already have a wall full of art, I would use the website! Or maybe I will for our guest bedroom!

Learn more about Liz and her other projects at