Adore Your Walls

It may just be a KickStarter kind of week! I was going through my Facebook feed and saw a friend post Liz Lidgett’s (Kate Wagner’s sister..past dreamer) Adore Your Walls Kickstarter and had to see what it was all about.

Adore Your Walls, Liz Lidgett


Liz wants to make sure everyone can have art in their homes affordably and conveniently. Her project will help fund the website she has in mind to deliver such services, and she only has 23 days left to do so.

For those who donate $50, they’ll get a limited edition original print. Liz has some other great bonuses for backers as well. Go check it out and see if you’d like to help support her dream! I know if I didn’t already have a wall full of art, I would use the website! Or maybe I will for our guest bedroom!

Learn more about Liz and her other projects at


Back 20Something: A Musical Project

For all who may not know, I was a big theater person in high school, so whenever I get a chance to support a fellow thespian, I’m game. The best part about this Kickstarter is that I know one of the lovely creators of the show, Corinne. She may be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so let’s show her and her show/project some love!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.08.33 AM

Their goal is $5,000 and they’re only 13% funded, and have 8 days to go. If you are a thespian, budding writer/actress, have some money and love the arts, head over to their Kickstarter: 20Something: A Musical Project and throw some cash their way. If their box of goodies is something made by Corinne I guarantee it will be tasty.

Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram too!

A Gift Guide For Everyone

I have a confession: I haven’t thought of Christmas presents this year. Since Mike and I will be out of the states, there hasn’t been any Christmas shopping or even looking at gift guides like I usually do. It’s all been about how much money can we save for our trip and what little souvenirs can we get everyone in Ireland, Brussels or Paris. But, that ends here! Instead of choosing gifts for particular types of people, I’m going for a guide for everyone. There’s some pretty awesome things out there, so I’ve chosen to only pick items from a Kickstarter (or soon to be Kickstarter) or Etsy shop. I think these are the true businesses to support this year.

I hope you enjoy! And if you pick a gift from this post, please let us know!


Prynt phone case, $99

This is Prynt, a phone case that turns your smartphone into a polaroid. It’s not really available yet, but you could maybe give the recipient a printed “coupon” of sorts. Their prototype right now takes 50 secs to print a full picture, but they’re hoping, with new technology, it will only take 30 seconds. Pretty dope invention, if you ask me. There’s instagram and all of those apps that will print them, but this is instant gratification at its best!

Bison Wool Sock

The Ultimate American Sock, $25-$150

Even though I’m allergic to wool, I’m going to suggest this gift. It may not be sexy or creative, but this is a functional gift. And everyone needs some functional gifts for Christmas. They’re saying these babies are softer than cashmere. Who wouldn’t want their feet wrapped in cashmere?! If you do want these socks for Christmas, make sure you’re reading carefully. Only certain offerings are available for December delivery.

Drinking Jacket

The Drinking Jacket, $75+

This is pretty hilarious, but ingenious. I’m a little surprised how many functions it has while not looking tacky. I’m not a big fan of the sunglass holder, but all of the other features are great for anyone who likes to drink.

Customized City Prints

Customized City Prints By Going Brogue, $19.95+

This kind of print is great for any art wall, study, foyer, etc. It’s a great way to show where your heart is or where you’re from. I also know the Etsy Shop owner and he’s great!

Tmbr watches

Timbrwood Watch, $78.95

I know there are other affordable wooden watches out there, but I know this company has great customer service. One of my past coworkers got a watch from them and it was broken and they switched it out for a new with with no worries. They advertise most of their watches as male watches, but I think they’re pretty gender neutral. My favorite is this sandalwood watch because it’s the perfect medium wood tone.

ninja chalkboard

Chalkboard + Picture Frames by CheeseCrafty, $19-$50

Picture frames are always a good go-to present for anyone, but spice it up with one like this! Kristin does an awesome job of making kitschy frames for around the house that anyone would like.

Well that’s it! What’s your favorite item from the list?

Help A Dreamer: Jabril Faraj’s First Book Needs Funding

Help An Aspiring Writer Publish His First Book

Hey Dreamers! If you didn’t read the Dreamer post about Jabril Faraj, make sure you check it out (click on his name). He’s writing his first book and needs some help with funding. He knows of some ways like Kickstarter and donate buttons, but let’s see if you have more suggestions.


Take a look at his excerpt from his first draft of his book, Jackson Brown (the working title). If you believe in it, help us find a way to help him publish it.

Here’s a little taste of the writing:

“With my missing brother’s wife in the passenger seat and only slightly more than an hour removed from my downtown apartment, we headed even farther to the west and north, directed by the mysterious voice’s instructions….”

Please click on the following link and read on Help Jabril’s dream come true with comments below, suggestions, or an email!