Top 10 Things About Honeymooning in Dublin, Brussels & Paris

…Mostly about food!

  1. ) The European lifestyle is so relaxed. Things don’t open till 11, big stores close around 7 or 8, and some stores are closed Tuesday and Sundays. Now that’s the life! I now know why Dubliners and maybe other Europeans are so happy all the time. They’re not stuck at work all day.

2.) The bread and croissants are amazing. Mike makes some pretty banging bread (see here for some examples), but the Europeans really know how to do it. I think the one thing that amazes me is that it’s good for more than 2 days even when you don’t put it in a ziplock baggy. What is this trick? There were several days that Mike and I just bought a 1-2 Euro loaf of break and got cheese or meats to go on it. Probably one of the best ways to save money while traveling abroad too!

3.) Guinness in Ireland is better. I know a lot of people say this, but it really is true. I feel like the Guinness in the states is heavy and thick, but in Ireland it’s light and refreshing…even though there’s still the infamous foam. The tour of the brewery is also awesome. The view from their sky bar is breathtaking. You can see everything in Dublin and you get to enjoy a pint of Guinness. 4.) Never say no to an Irish Breakfast. It’s the most filling breakfast you’ll have. Eggs, sausage, a roasted tomato, mushrooms, their version of bacon, and rice pudding (it doesn’t look like rice pudding though). You’ll be full till about 4 PM after you eat one of these babies.

photo via Mike!
photo via Mike!

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Recipes: Brussel Sprouts, Bacon & Sweet Potatoes

brussel sprouts, bacon, sweet potatoes

brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes

It all started off with the photo above from Pinterest via Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice . I’d only tried brussels sprouts once and I wasn’t a big fan, but I saw this picture and thought I’d give them another chance. It also sealed the deal when I went to Aldi and saw that brussels sprouts were only $1.99 for a whole container.

I didn’t have the same ingredients as the Cinnamon Spice blog, so here’s what I used:

bacon, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, evoo, salt, oregano


Olive oil




Brussel Sprouts

4 Bacon strips

2 sweet potatoes

I’m more of a pour as you go kind of girl, so I can’t give you exact measurements, but I don’t think you can really mess up this recipe.

First you’ll want to preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Then start prepping your veggies.

brussel sprouts

Clean your brussels sprouts, cut them in half, and peel off the really hard outer layers.

sweet potatoes

Peel and cut your sweet potatoes into cubes– as small as you want your bites to be.

ingredients mixed together

Toss your brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes together with olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano. Make sure every bite is covered in your spices and olive oil.

ingredients in the oven

Spread your mixture on a pan and stick in the oven (sorry for the bad picture).


Meanwhile, start making your bacon.You’ll start smelling the brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes cooking. Your brussels sprouts will start getting light brown on the edges and your sweet potatoes will get softer. Once your sweet potatoes start getting soft to the point you know they only need to be cooked for a couple more minutes, add your bacon.


I love bacon, so I thought I’d switch up the recipe a bit. I added my bacon and bacon fat to the pan while in the oven to get it more flavor. Then when everything looks done, crumble your bacon so it serves better.

brussel sprouts, bacon, sweet potatoes

Here’s the end product. It was so good. Mike even liked it! I think if you can impress a chef, it’s a good sign.

Go try it for yourself and tell me how you liked it!

Dream Trips: Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is full of beer and chocolate. What else can you need? Well, there’s also amazing architecture and luxury hotels. Can you blame me for dreaming about going to Brussels, Belgium?


One of the main reasons why I’ve been dreaming about Brussels lately is because of this hotel. I saw this picture along with some others on Design Don’t Panic and was immediately intrigued.  I’m not a graphic designer or any kind of designer, but I love color. I am a prime example of Kate Spade’s motto “Live Colorfully.”


The Pantone Hotel is seven stories high and designed by Michel Penneman and Olivier Hannaer. It is full of color, contrast, photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy, and an amazing shop full of Pantone goods (the largest selection of Pantone goods worldwide).


The pictures make it seem like the best place to go to relax (the have an amazing view of the city), be cheered up (look at all the colors!), and be inspired. If this website was my full-time job I’d go and write the trip off as a business expense. I think I’d get a lot done there. Writing, designing, drinking, eating chocolate…haha. They offer free wifi, customizable meeting rooms, and delicious food — it all sounds too good to be true.


The rate for one night in a large room(one person) is 69 Euros, which is about $89.35. That doesn’t seem bad at all? When can I go?

Anyway, there are probably more reasons to go to Brussels, but this hotel is my top reason. Please, enlighten me with more reason? Have any of you ever stayed there? I’m so fascinated and want to hear more. #keepdreaming

*all photos are  from Visit the website to find out more!