Adore Your Walls

It may just be a KickStarter kind of week! I was going through my Facebook feed and saw a friend post Liz Lidgett’s (Kate Wagner’s sister..past dreamer) Adore Your Walls Kickstarter and had to see what it was all about.

Adore Your Walls, Liz Lidgett


Liz wants to make sure everyone can have art in their homes affordably and conveniently. Her project will help fund the website she has in mind to deliver such services, and she only has 23 days left to do so.

For those who donate $50, they’ll get a limited edition original print. Liz has some other great bonuses for backers as well. Go check it out and see if you’d like to help support her dream! I know if I didn’t already have a wall full of art, I would use the website! Or maybe I will for our guest bedroom!

Learn more about Liz and her other projects at


Back 20Something: A Musical Project

For all who may not know, I was a big theater person in high school, so whenever I get a chance to support a fellow thespian, I’m game. The best part about this Kickstarter is that I know one of the lovely creators of the show, Corinne. She may be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so let’s show her and her show/project some love!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.08.33 AM

Their goal is $5,000 and they’re only 13% funded, and have 8 days to go. If you are a thespian, budding writer/actress, have some money and love the arts, head over to their Kickstarter: 20Something: A Musical Project and throw some cash their way. If their box of goodies is something made by Corinne I guarantee it will be tasty.

Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram too!

Christmas at the Desirs

We’ll be gone for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t decorate. We’ve had most of our decorations up since Thanksgiving, but we got one of the best additions yesterday from Flowers For Dreams. You never realize how different a gorgeous bouquet of flowers can change your room until you have one in it!

So welcome to our apartment! *Make sure you read to the end of the post to learn more about Flowers For Dreams. I think they were established to be featured on DTG.











So that’s how we’re showing our Christmas cheer. As you can tell, I placed the Holiday Bouquet around the apartment because I can’t really decide where its home should be. It’s so fragrant and I love the red. But let me tell you a little more about the company that made it. Flowers for Dreams started in 2012 and they’re based out of Chicago (duh!). The bouquet prices start at $35 (that’s everything and in some places in Chicago that includes free same day delivery) and end at $95, and they’re pretty much gorgeous at any size. All flowers are sourced locally and each bouquet gives back to charity. At the end of each month, Flowers for Dreams donates 1/4 of their profits to charities like Common Threads, Streetwise, the Special Olympics and more. They also have a monthly subscription where you can get a bouquet every month for $30, and if you’re feeling generous, they’ll forward it on to whoever you’d like. Now that’s a great Christmas present!

Here’s a closer look at the our bouquet:





Go check out their website: I think you all (if you’re in Chicago) should get one for your holiday dinner tables or for someone special!

Oh, and where do you think my bouquet should live? I just can’t decide.



Pins I’m Loving

Happy Friday! I haven’t done one of these posts in forever. Lately I’ve been dreaming about a lot of things; clothes, shoes, homes, travels, decorating, but being on a tight budget and trying to plan a honeymoon means no extra spending. So here’s what I’ve been dreaming about thanks to Pinterest.



Since it’s hot doesn’t it mean we get to eat ice cream more? I don’t know why, but I keep having cravings for ice cream after I work out. Then I saw this picture and my mind was blown. This is the ultimate fat kid reward. A definite way to waste the calories you just burned at the gym.

via paper &’s a DIY on how to make them!!

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An Inspirational Play: Dessa Rose

On Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing Dessa Rose at the Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago. It literally took my breath away. Not only was it a great story, but it also featured Sasha (who I like to call my baby and a past Dreamer). The show tells the story of a strong line of woman descendants. You’ll laugh, cry, and be moved.

The storyline is set in 1847, 14 years before the outbreak of the American Civil War. It follows Dessa Rose and Ruth, a slave and white woman, who become friends and struggle for different types of freedoms.


I recommend this play to everyone in Chicago. You’ll feel a sense of community, thankful for your present situation, and truly thankful for your family.

Dessa Rose, presented by , performs March 6 – April 5 at Victory Gardens Theater’s Richard Christensen Theatre. Tickets are $15-40. Shows are on Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8PM and Sunday at 2 PM.  You can buy tickets online

Learn more about it on their Facebook page and Bailiwick page.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see:

Dreaming of a New Apartment

It’s almost that time again, the hunt for a new apartment.  We have a bigger budget this time so it should be easy to find something we love. Wrong.  Having a pit bull makes the hunt a lot harder because most Chicago buildings don’t accept dogs, only allow dogs under 30 lbs, or don’t allow aggressive breeds. I can go into a rant of why pit bulls aren’t really aggressive, but let’s talk about the fun part of looking for a new apartment; the decorating.

A new apartment means a fresh look.  A new space to make comfy, welcoming, and ours. It will be full of everything Desir. And by that, I mean a space created after we’ve been married. I don’t think it will be that much different, but it will be our first place after getting married. I love the look and feel of our apartment, but I’m dreaming of a bigger space that more people will visit us at for holidays, parties, and just hanging out.  Maybe this time around we’ll actually paint, have a pantry, and a second bedroom! I can only dream, but here, take a look at what’s in my mind for the apartment we’ll hopefully find at the end of April!

via Witeanddelight_’s instagram

What better room to start with other than the entryway.  I would love a big enough entry way for a cute coat rack, our little table, a mirror and a big-ass wallpaper statement.  I don’t really like this pattern, but I love the idea. I like this, this (not the one she’s hanging), and especially this.

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