We want to share your dreams if you’re willing to tell them. Our website is a great space to share your wildest dreams, make connections with other dreamers, and simply, gain support. All you have to do is fill out our quick questionnaire, provide some images and links, and then BAM! You’re done.

If you’d like to contribute to DTG in another capacity, just let us know. We’re open to what all dreamers have to say!

Dreamer Questionnaire

Age or how old you act:

Current city:

Current job:

Dream job (It doesn’t have to be a title, you can describe what you’d be doing in that job. If you do work your dream job, tell us about it):

What else would be included in your dream life?

Besides money, how can people help you reach your ultimate dream life? Don’t be shy.

Dream contacts you’d like to make:

Dream meal:

Dream trip:

What’s the biggest dream you’ve attained so far in your life?

Ways for people to be in contact:

Advice to give to other dreamers:

We’ll also need an appropriate portrait and any links to blogs, websites, projects you’d like mentioned.

Once you’re done, email them to katie@dreamtillgreen.com.



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