Christmas at the Desirs

We’ll be gone for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t decorate. We’ve had most of our decorations up since Thanksgiving, but we got one of the best additions yesterday from Flowers For Dreams. You never realize how different a gorgeous bouquet of flowers can change your room until you have one in it!

So welcome to our apartment! *Make sure you read to the end of the post to learn more about Flowers For Dreams. I think they were established to be featured on DTG.











So that’s how we’re showing our Christmas cheer. As you can tell, I placed the Holiday Bouquet around the apartment because I can’t really decide where its home should be. It’s so fragrant and I love the red. But let me tell you a little more about the company that made it. Flowers for Dreams started in 2012 and they’re based out of Chicago (duh!). The bouquet prices start at $35 (that’s everything and in some places in Chicago that includes free same day delivery) and end at $95, and they’re pretty much gorgeous at any size. All flowers are sourced locally and each bouquet gives back to charity. At the end of each month, Flowers for Dreams donates 1/4 of their profits to charities like Common Threads, Streetwise, the Special Olympics and more. They also have a monthly subscription where you can get a bouquet every month for $30, and if you’re feeling generous, they’ll forward it on to whoever you’d like. Now that’s a great Christmas present!

Here’s a closer look at the our bouquet:





Go check out their website: I think you all (if you’re in Chicago) should get one for your holiday dinner tables or for someone special!

Oh, and where do you think my bouquet should live? I just can’t decide.



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