Featured Dreamer: Emily Belden

Age or how old you act: Age 28, Acts 57 – assuming there’s chardonnay and the opportunity to be in bed by 9:30pm.

Current city: Chicago IL

Current job: Author of Best-Selling Memoir,

Dream job: Taste tester for Ben & Jerry’s; then Chief Flavor Namer.

What else would be included in your dream life? 10 rescue pitbulls, drinking fountains that spew chocolate milkshakes, the ability to teleport to Southern California at the snap of my fingers, and Netflix.

Besides money, how can people help you reach your ultimate dream life? Read Eightysixed. Then, the first person you think of when you read the last paragraph, text them and say, “I’m putting a book in the mail for you.” Go to the post office and do just that. I believe this book does something for the soul; it contains the secret to being unapologetic and authentic, which I somehow promise leads to self-acceptance and true love.

Dream contacts you’d like to make: Giuliana Rancic, the queen (Oprah), and Ryan Gosling.

Dream meal: Pillowy ricotta gnocchi with a tangy vodka sauce, followed by a chocolate lava cake and/or tiramisu. Unlimited red wine.

Dream trip: Rosewood Mayakoba – been there twice, but only solo. Would love to bring my husband back with me. It’s paradise.

What’s the biggest dream you’ve attained so far in your life? Publishing a book; no pen name necessary.

Advice to give to other dreamers: Give it time. Do it right. Go confidently.

Ways for people to be in contact: @emilybelden on twitter and instagram – or just email me.

You can also follow Emily at  www.emilybelden.com and www.facebook.com/emilybeldenauthor! Thank you so much Emily for sharing Eightysixed with us and being a great Dreamer!


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