6 Things to Make Your Life Easier During the Holidays

My head is spinning just thinking about all of things I need to do before our holiday/honeymoon trip, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. So, to get back into the swing of blogging, I enlisted Mike to help me come up with ways to make our, and your, lives easier before the holidays.

1.  Make/Buy Some Fast and Affordable Holiday Decorations:

I made this pom pom ball garland last year and it only took about 10 minutes and maybe $5. All you need is whatever pom poms you want (I got a Fall-ish package that had lots of reds and gold so I could keep it up from Thanksgiving to New Years without feeling too lazy), fishing line and a needle. Tie a knot on one end and start stringing the pom poms. I tied knots into the string along the way to make sure the pom poms stayed in place.


Get some chalkboard paint and paint any kind of surface (below is a piece of cardboard from a cheap frame. You can change the phrase and/or design for any occasion. We have this above our crate bookcase, but also have an old trunk used as a tv stand that’s chalkboard as well.


I also recommend going to Target or World Market and buying affordable, seasonal candles. Mike and I got a Cinnamon Candle and an Indonesian Teak Candle and our place smells just like Christmas!

2. Get into the Holiday Mood with Affordable Movies: We recently went to Target and saw great prices for Christmas movies…$5-$10!!! Whether you’re stuck working and need something cheery (like me) or just need to cuddle and be full of the Christmas spirit, movies are the best thing.

My Christmas must-sees: White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, The Holiday & Love Actually (There’s actually more, but I don’t want to seem too Christmas crazy).

3. Download the Dry-cleaning app DRYV! I hate doing the laundry anyway, but it being the holidays, I really don’t want to do it. Why do laundry when you could be shopping, attending a holiday party, or drinking egg nog while watching movies. Well, some smart guys in Chicago made an app for that!

Chris Elipas partnered with Dan Parsons to bring Chicagoans the lovely DRYV app. Simply request a pickup, get notified when your dry cleaning is done and schedule a drop off. All you do is register for the app, scan your card in and you’re ready to go.

The service area is north to Montrose Avenue, south to 18th Street and west to Western Avenue, which means I have to get mine picked up at work, but I schedule mine from 7 AM – 8:00 AM. The guy was there at 7:02 and smiling! Smiling, people! And you can write in special requests, for example, I wanted a phone call instead of a door buzz and I got one. It’s a great service and I’m not just saying that because it’s on here.

Photo by Clayton Hauck for DRYV

Merry Christmas to you, DRYV is offering DTG Readers $10 to try out their service! Get those holiday suits and dresses dry cleaned for your corporate and family parties! Use the code: DTGHolidays 

4. Get Your Groceries Delivered : I’m a tad hesitant of this because I’m a deal finder, but it can be useful. I’ve been told Peapod is the best!

What’s your favorite?

5. Do Some Amazon/Etsy/Dreamer shopping! My family has used Amazon lists in the past for the holidays. It’s easy and guarantees a great price. But I also like to peek around Etsy as well to support small business owners. Both shops are easy to shop during your lunch break or on your commute to and from work.

Need some shop names, look at some of our past Dreamers’ shops: Artless Organix, Chaps + Rascal, my Remedy, MILC Co., Buy The Change, color me styled

6. Plan Your Meals: Plan those meals out and eat well! I know my life is a little easier because Mike is a chef, but you can cook his recipes too. Check out some of your favorite food blogs and copy down those recipes, then go to pea pod.com…or go grocery shopping.

Here’s one of my latest favorites from Mike that’s featured on theskinnyfatkid.com:

photo from Skinny Fat Kid
photo from Skinny Fat Kid


What are your stress-free holiday tips?


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