27 Things to Do While 27

Another year, another list of adventures to check off the list. Last year, I wasn’t too successful with my list, but hopefully this year will be different. It definitely started off awesome with a Halloween/Jamberry Nails/Birthday Party and a surprise Birthday brunch, so if you can help me accomplish my list of to-dos for my 27th year of life, let me know!

1. Host one successful Book Club (with at least 4 other participants)

2. Finish a 5K

3. Go to the gym at least 12x per month

4. Learn how to french braid my own hair

5. Make one new quality friend

6. Start writing my book idea

7. Relaunch DTG successfully with new design

8. Pay off all credit card debt

9. Volunteer for a charity at least once

10. Visit Lauren & little Natalie in New Hampshire

11. Visit NYC without it being for a work event

12. Go camping

13. Get art for our bedroom

14. Fix boot heels

15. Invest in a quality watch

16. Be happy for 100 days (do the challenge on Instagram)

17. Learn how to properly apply makeup that lasts for a full day

18. Save at least $2700

19. Get a legit celebrity to be a Dreamer on DTG

20. Get more than 3000 views during 1 day

21. Try new food at least one time per month

22. Go to a ballet/dance show

23. Have a fancy dinner where people have to dress up

24. Fix bike so I can actually ride it

25. Surprise Mike with an adventure at least once

26. Get to my ideal pant size (hopefully #3 will help with that)

27. Make my salary goal


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