Pins I’m Loving

Have you ever been in a dreaming slump? Well I need to get out of mine. Back to shooting for the dream and finding inspiration everywhere. Lately I’ve been dreaming about getting a promotion or new job, living in a 2 Bedroom apartment in the Armitage area, and being able to live comfortably with the ability to take vacations and more. Sounds lovely, right?!

So here’s what has me dreaming about that life on Pinterest! Make sure you follow our boards — I need about 700 more followers to cross of my #11 on my 26 Things To Do.

floral chalkboard wall
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How awesome would this be in a dining room? I’ve been wanting a black wall in our apartment for awhile and this makes me think the dining room would be the perfect spot. We could do holiday scenes, dinner party menus, and write cheesy messages to each other. I just love the opportunity to change colors and designs whenever you want, but you still get the black option for a neutral.

Bell Garland
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Christmas is closer than I want to believe, but I can’t wait to decorate. I’m thinking this bell garland will either go on the tree, over the windows, or in the “doorway” between the living room and dining room. What do you think? You can get a bag of jingle bells from Michaels for about $3.99 in varying sizes. Who wants to craft with me?

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Funnel cakes will always have a near and dear place in my heart because my Grandma Garton would make them for us when we visited her while growing up. So when I saw funnel cakes combined with one of my favorite flavors, pumpkin, I knew this was going to be in my life soon.

I know, I know, pumpkin has become a very white girl thing, but I’ve loved pumpkins before it was a fad. Ask the people I grew up with. Pumpkin has always been my favorite word and kind of pie.

Anyways, I’m thinking I’ll have to have these at my Halloween/Birthday party and put eyes on them so they look like mummies. What do you think?

There are a lot more pins I’m loving right now, but this post is getting long. Go take a look at Dream Till Green’s Pinterest Boards and tell me your favorite.


2 thoughts on “Pins I’m Loving

  1. I LOVE that chalkboard wall! I just painted a tall, narrow wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint and need some inspiration as to what to draw or write on it! I wish I was an artist like that person obviously is!

    1. Right?! I don’t know if I could ever draw something that gorgeous, but it never hurts to try. You could always write a quote of the week or your favorite recipe. Once you do something awesome, please share it! -Katie

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