ScoreBig Tickets

Mike and I have a to-do list, much like my 26 Thing To Do, for what will be each year of our marriage. We’re approaching one year soon and we haven’t crossed off as many as we’d like, so when ScoreBig approached me to try out their services, I said yes!

Even though I didn’t find any events Mike and I’d like to go to (all the events we had in mind were sold out or not available), the process seemed pretty great.

What the website looks like.
What the website looks like.

ScoreBig guarantees savings on every purchase, you can choose your section for seating , tell them what you want to pay, and there’s no fees. Then if you know of an event coming, but they don’t have it listed, you can request that they get tickets — I requested the Book of Mormon when it comes to Chicago in February. It’s an all around money-saving way to go to events you dream about attending.

I can’t wait to see if they get more events we’d like to go to or maybe get the alert that the Bears vs. Packers game or Justin Timberlake tickets are now available. But once something comes available, I’ll let you know about the full experience. You know me, I love to share about a good deal!

Have you tried ScoreBig? What was your experience like?

Try the website, here.


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