Featured Dreamer: Emma Cox

emma cox

How old are you? 13.

How old do you act? 25.

Where do you live? Camas, Washington

What’s so great about where you live? The education. Teachers here really care about you.

What’s your current job?  I’m a babysitter/blogger

What’s your dream job? It doesn’t have to be a title, you can describe what you’d be doing in that job. If you do work your dream job, tell us about it.

My dream job would be to be everything and anything. I want to be a lawyer to help defend others, or be an editor at a newspaper to help people be more aware of the stories that go on around them.

What does your dream life include? 

Running with my dog, Casey, exploring, reading, helping others, finding love, and having my own family.

Besides money, how can people help you reach that ultimate dream life? Don’t be shy.

If I do something wrong, don’t just tell me, teach me the right way. Give me knowledge to help me through life. Be there for me when I do fall down, because I will. That’ll will put me on the path to the ultimate dream life.

Do you have dream contacts you’d like to make? 

Oprah, John Green, Hank Green, College Prepster, President Obama, Hillary Clinton. Just a few of the smart people I’d like to know face-to-face!

Who would you invite to dinner?

I would invite Bill Cunningham. I’d ask him thousands of questions, like what is the most whimsical hat you have ever seen in New York? What’s your favorite fashion event? Favorite restaurant?

What’s your dream trip?

I’d go to Camas, my town, and explore the different areas. Places where I haven’t been, and get to know my neighbors better. Go to low-income neighborhoods, and have a better  understanding of their situation so I can help them lead better lives.

What’s the biggest dream you’ve attained so far in your life?

I dreamed of running my own newspaper, then it morphed into a website, and became my blog/website/newspaper: Corporate Cheese.

What’s the best advice someone has given you to attain your dreams?  “You’ve got to outsmart them” My Poppa told me that. He’s really smart.

What’s your advice to others? I stand by my Poppa. Outthink them, outsmart them. How do you? Study, read, listen. It’ll come in handy someday.




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