A Book A Month (May): A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

I looked in my bookcase and was surprised to find Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. I’ve never read it before, so I guess I snatched it from home before we moved to Chicago two years ago.

I loved The Paris Wife, so I couldn’t wait to read the memoir of Ernest Hemingway’s during the time of which The Paris Wife would have taken place.

Pages: 211

Synopsis: A memoir Hemingway wrote as a way to remember his life in Paris from 1920-1926. It shows the adoration of his wife, his admiration and friendship with Fitzgerald, and his struggles of living in Paris.

Review: Loved it! If you follow my book club, you’ll know that I kind of have a thing for Hemingway. I love how he writes. He’s concise (he doesn’t use adjectives) and gets to the point. Some critics of his day did not like this style, but I enjoy it.

It’s also interesting to know that Hemingway wrote and rewrote this book, and then his widow and grandson republished an edited version.

If you love reading about the greats, you should pick up this book. As a writer, it’s very inspirational. You see how he got inspired, how he used his friendships to succeed, and how adventures can really influences your writing.

What do you think of this book? Do you think it’s more fact or fiction?

Buy on Amazon here.


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