A Dream Till Green Facelift

Hi, Dreamers! Spring is finally, finally here. I think. Each time the season changes I desire new things. It could be a haircut, new shoes, new art, etc.  I know that’s not necessarily a good thing because we shouldn’t be so materialistic, but sometimes you have to do things to make yourself happy. One thing  Mike and I did recently was rearrange our entire apartment for a slight makeover for less than $200 (hopefully you’ll be reading about that soon on Coca-Cola’s website, The Journey in The Opener section).  But I also have the urge for one more change. A facelift for Dream Till Green.

I know this layout is still relatively new, but I want to recreate the whole brand so it’s fresh, sexy, inviting, and something everyone wants to read. One great thing about Chicago is all of its bloggers have great, clean websites. I want one too! With that said, I’d love some of your input. I created a little survey to help me along this process. If you could take the time to fill it out, I would greatly appreciate it! If you’re not familiar with the mission of the site, please read the About section so you know what I’m dreaming for.

Take part in our survey here

Thank you! Keep dreaming!


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