Inside My Bag: Katie of DTG

After loving seeing what everyone else carried around, I couldn’t help, but post what’s inside my bag. But first, I’d like to say thanks again to Erin, Mark, Jess, Jill, and Mike for letting us see your essentials. Looks like the most common things is bags are esos, moleskins/journals, pens, button London products and Apple products.  You’ll see almost all of those in mine.


So here goes!


1. Kate Spade Saturday Large A Satchel –  I’ve wanted a grown woman bag for awhile and I finally got it for Christmas and Valentine’s Day (Thanks Mike!). This is sort of atypical for me because I love colorful accessories, but I thought a black bag was necessary for an investment piece.  I recommend this bag for anyone because it holds so much and keeps you organized. I haven’t even seen any strains on any of the of the stitching yet and I think my bag can weigh up to 30 lbs at a time.


a. beanie – I tend to wear a beanie everyday at work because it’s cold and because 4/5 days I have a bad hair day.
b. spiral notepad – my list of to-dos for work
c. Kate Spade 2014 planner
d. moleskin notebook – keep track of money, blog ideas, random notes and list of things Mike & I want to do our first year of marriage.
e. Kate Spade diddy bag – you’ll see all what’s in that in another picture, but it’s a lot. I’m prepared for almost anything or I like to call it my Mary Poppins complex.
f. Kate Spade ostrich leather wallet
g. work computer
h. wood usb- my personal usb that I keep work stuff on it that I might need for home and photos that I might want printed
i. halls cough drops – allergies suck!
j. doublemint gum – my favorite
k. pens – need multiples just in case
l. book of the month
m. work keys
n. Burt’s Bees rose tinted lip balm
o. postcard from Levain bakery (best cookies ever!)
p. “winning” business card case with POPAI business card
q. stickers that a friend handmade
r. charger!
s. esos lip balm
t. iphone earbuds

katie's-bag2a. lady products – may embarrass some, but I am always prepared. Ladies, you know who to ask.
b. touch up stick
c. Tide to go pen
d. vintage mirror compact – It’s was my grandma’s
e. Ritz Carlton sewing kit – also my grandma’s. It actually comes in handy, a lot.
f. L’occitaine shea butter hand cream – the best hand cream for dry or damaged skin. I literally killed all my skin from cleaning an apartment and my hands were back to normal in 2 days using this.
g. parcel coin purse – I use it for a bag for medicine and other small things (as you can see)
h. eye drops – again, allergies suck!
i. nail clippers – not for public use, but hang nails are the worse
j. day-time benadryl – good for allergies
k. hair pins – essential for short, unruly hair
l. tylenol

Is anyone else amazed that I carry this much? I won’t be surprised when I have shoulder or back problems when I’m older. At least this bags almost forces me to carry it in my hands since the over-the-shoulder strap isn’t the most comfortable. And it looks very organized from an aerial view.





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