Dreamer: Sebastian “So Soul” Francis

How old are you? I am 24 years old. I’ll be 25 in December.
How old do you act? I’d say I act about 27. I was always told I had an old soul growing up, so I feel like I’m catching up to myself, finally.
Where do you live? I currently live in Chicago, Illinois.
What’s so great about where you live? There are many great things about Chicago. I love the food, fashion, music, and people in general are one of a kind here. I’m from New York originally,  so this is the closest thing to home for me.
What’s your current job? I am currently a waiter/bartender at Eataly Chicago.
What’s your dream job? It doesn’t have to be a title, you can describe
what you’d be doing in that job. If you do work your dream job, tell
us about it. My dream job is becoming a legendary producer and artist. I want to use the success from my craft to eventually get involved with philanthropy and investing in improving inner city education systems. I’ve worked for companies like Greenpeace that pride themselves on informing people on environmental issues, and I want to donate time and money to organizations who have a genuine concern for more sustainable ways of living. Ultimately, I want to assist in improving life for the youth.
What does your dream life include? My dream life includes me traveling around the world, experiencing and embracing different cultures, and touring. I will definitely be living in another country, preferably London or Japan. I will constantly be working with innovators in various fields I have interest in: Film, philosophy, music, etc.
Besides money, how can people help you reach that ultimate dream life? Don’t be shy. People can help me to reach the ultimate dream life I envision for myself by just listening to the music. More than anything else, I want to inspire and empower leaders. By doing so, I feel that more people will inspired to live the lives that they dream of. By people giving me their ear, I know that I will touch lives of the listeners and we will all reach our dreams together.
Do you have dream contacts you’d like to make? Of course I would like to have Kanye and Jay-z in my frequent caller list.
Who would you invite to a dream dinner? I would invite Sofia Vergara to a dream dinner.
What’s your dream trip? My dream trip would be to Egypt and Japan.
What’s the biggest dream you’ve attained so far in your life? The biggest dream I’ve obtained was putting out Dark Night Of Soul which is my introduction to the world.
What’s the best advice someone has given you to attain your dreams?
The best advice someone has given me was to figure out how to be a service to humanity.

What’s your advice to others? I’d tell anyone who listens to my music or words on social media, to believe in themselves. Have faith in what it is that you believe in and follow your own instinct. Regardless of any adversity you face, just know it’s a test that you can overcome.

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