Inside My Bag: Mike of Skinny Fat Kid

It’s Friday! This week went by so fast, but maybe it was because I loved organizing these posts. Thank you, Erin, Mark, Jess, and Jill for participating. I hope you had as much fun as I did making this happen!

For today, we have Mike of The Skinny Fat Kid. I may be a little biased in saying that he’s another stylish man of Chicago, but you’ll probably think so too after you take a look inside his bag.


About Mike: He started The Skinny Fat Kid about two years ago to share his passion for food, beer, photography, and style. You’ll find personal recipes, beer reviews, restaurant and bar tips, and mouth-watery food photography.

I totally recommend following his platforms if you’re a foodie, but for now, take a look into his Chef Bag.



a. Jack Spade Bag – It took awhile to convince Katie to let me buy this investment piece, but she got it for me for Christmas and Valentine’s Day last year. It’s big enough for trips, but since I have to carry a lot of stuff for my job, I use it most days.

b. Y-3 Nomad Racer Shoes – Being a chef means you need good shoes. These babies make it seem like I’m walking on clouds. And of course I keep them clean, and everything else clean, by using the bag they came in.

c. Orange Knife Kit – I’m a line cook and prep chef at Eataly’s Carne restaurant, so I have to bring my own knife kit. The orange is in honor of Syracuse and everyone knows that it’s mine!

d. Permanent Markers and Pens – Who knows when you’ll need a writing utensil, but they’re great for labeling to-go containers.

e. Skinny Fat Kid business cards in a vintage card holder.

f. Bape Diddy Bag – Does anyone else call these diddy bags? Bape is one of my favorite brands, so when I saw this I had to get it. As you can see, it holds a lot of my things.

g. Epi Pen – I have a peanut allergy, so this is essential

h. Super sunglasses

i. Hand lotion – I was my hands constantly at work, so I go through lotion fast. Whenever Katie goes away for work she’ll bring me back the sample sizes from the hotel. I think this one is from the Luxor in Vegas.

j. Hand Sanitizer Spray – You never know what the Chicago people are touching before they get on the train and touch things

k. Nail clippers – Not to use in public, but sometimes they come in handy

l. Goody Pick

m. iPad Mini – I blog with this, so you’ll rarely find me without it.

n. Moleskin notebook – To write down inspirations, recipes, and other things

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