Inside My Bag: Mark of Windy City Epicurean

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s inside Erin’s bag yesterday. Today we have Mark of Windy City Epicurean.


Windy City Epicurean is all food, wine, fashion, and style from the perspective of a man. He’s also a sommelier, wine consultant, and restaurant veteran who is the  co-founder of CINQ Food Wine + Social Club, a members-only supper and social club.  If you don’t follow him on Facebook and Instagram, you are truly missing out. It is rare to find a man in Chicago with such great taste in food and clothing, so go follow him! Let’s get all Chicago men looking good. First, maybe take some notes on what he carries in his bag.


a. Timbuktu messenger bag: I lug around so many bottles of wine, computer, etc, that I needed a bag that was durable and well-constructed.
b. Pocket squares:  I always have several different pocket squares for whatever jacket I am wearing at work, a tasting, etc..
c. Bow ties: The same as above.
b. JayBird Blue Bud wireless headphones:  I’m always listening to music whenever in transit.
e. Books: Whether it be trade books, something I picked up at a wine tasting, or a wine book in general, I’m always reading something on the train/bus.
f. MacBook Pro: Never leave home without it!
g. iPad: If I want to read an e-book, play a game, or refer to some notes I have at a wine tasting
h. Moleskin notebooks: I have multiple ones at any given time; one for different wine regions, tasting notes, jotting down ideas for blogging, etc. These are crucial to the success of my day.
i. Flash cards: A must for studying for wine exams.
j. Ted Baker writing case:  I love Ted Baker, and saw this at their boutique and had to have it, to organize my writing utensils in my bag.  I also put wine keys/openers in there as well.
k. Toms Sunglasses: Always have a pair of sunglasses in my bag.
l. Lara Bar: Something to snack on in between wine tastings, on the go, etc..
m. iPhone/iPad charger:  An absolute must.
n. Wine:  I often am going to a wine tasting, friends house, tasting group, etc.. As a result, I nearly always have a bottle or two of wine in my bag.  This particular one is an NV Agrapart & Fils “Les 7 Crus” Brut Champagne. Yum!
o. Burt’s Bees:  Another absolute must. Especially in the winter!
It’s surprising that it all fits in like so!
Follow Mark here:

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