Inside My Bag: Erin of Marketing by Design & More

To kick off our week of Inside My Bagwe have a DTG vet, Erin Bassett. Can I just say how I appreciate all the support from fellow Chicago bloggers? They are all truly great. I don’t know of any other city where there’s so much love and support amongst each other.
But anyway, Inside My Bag is a deep look of successful people/blogger’s bags. I know I always look at a person’s bag first when I meet them. Is it leather, canvas, functional, decorative, huge? I think bags tell who a person is. So hopefully this week is as fun for you as it was for me! We have a lot of great people like Mark from Windy City Epicurean, Jess & Jill from Jess & Jill, Mike from Skinny Fat Kid and more! I’d love to make this a regular segment, so if you want to share what in your bag, let me know! Also, if you don’t want your whole bag shared, share your bag with #DTGBags.
Hello Dream Till Green Readers!! I’m so excited to share what’s inside my work bag with you. Although, I had no idea I was such a lip product and bobby pin hoarder until I laid it all out!

I am the owner of Erin Marie Marketing by Design, a content marketing firm that works with Brands and Bloggers. I wake up every day and get to help connect people through digital content and I consider myself very lucky. I also get to devote time to my blogs, Color Me Styled & Get UR Daily E  and I am a co-founder of the Windy City Blogger Collective. All of these funtivities keep me plenty busy! My day-to-day varies but I go out and meet with clients a few times a week. Here’s what is typically packed for client meetings:
1. a mini dream big notebook where I jot any ideas for posts or collaborations while I’m out and about
2. pens (and one pencil) my current favorite are the Pilot Acroball colorful ones (I got them at Target)
3. sunnies & my iPhone (and my whistle while you work Kate Spade case)
4. spin pins  & bobby pins – if you have long hair and are prone to top-knots allow me to introduce yourself to spin pins – they’re delightful little tools that let you quickly create a bun on the go!
5. lip sticks & lip gloss (bite beauty at sephora is one of my favorites, the lip glosses are by NARS and Laura Mercier)
6. another notebook and a SD card converter for iPad – this handy tool lets you upload pictures from your DSLR to your iPad for easy uploading to social media!
7. a personalized pouch from west elm  and my Samsung NX 1000 camera  – it is mirrorless so it isn’t quite as bulky as a DSLR but it takes photos of the same quality – I used it to take the picture so If you want to see the size, check out my instagram feed for a shot I took with my phone (@ebdaily)
8. sundries – chap sticks, hand lotions, mints, more bobby pins and a hand sanitizer
10. iPad
11. wallet and ventra card… I’ve become quite good at navigating public transit!
12. metallic Coach Legacy Duffle  – I got it for Christmas and it has been a life saver – it is just big enough to pack all of these things… but if it were any bigger I’d be tempted to pack more!
Thank you for letting me share my work bag with you! This past week it also had an umbrella packed inside but I will not complain about the rain because I am hopeful for a beautiful Chicago summer soon!


Can you believe everything fits in this bag and still looks so cute?!


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