NYC Sights and Eats

*picture: Inside a Kate Spade Saturday! Absolutely love this brand and to visit an actual store was great.

Last week I shared how NYC inspired, but I thought I’d share the sights and eats that were responsible.


On our way to our favorite dumpling spot in Chinatown we saw this piece of art. It was then and there that I decided to document all the street art I came across in NYC. I know Chicago has some great pieces, but we thought it would be awesome to print some of the NYC street art and put it in our bedroom (future DTG projects).IMG_0631



Dumplings from Prosperity Dumplings. You can get 8 for $2. I don’t think you can get better than 2


Our first night we went to my college roommate’s apartment right by Grand Central Station. Here’s all the girls getting ready to take Fireball shots. Don’t worry, we were all responsible that night.



It was great seeing more Cuse 1



A repeat of Mike and I, but this was from Avery’s balcony.IMG_0634

The next morning we met my brother’s family from Philly to have breakfast and fun in Central Park. It was the most perfect day.IMG_0635

After the park we walked to Levain Bakery for the best cookies, ever! I don’t think it’s the first time I’ve mentioned them. (Mike took a great picture of the peanut butter chocolate one here)IMG_0638

We met up with some friends for an afternoon of adventures around the city. We saw some great street art.
IMG_0639 IMG_0642

On Monday, we went to Chhorvy’s Happy Hour. Here’s the lady of the night with all the men.IMG_0645 IMG_0643IMG_0644

After the happy hour and a glorious round of pickle backs we headed to a diner.IMG_0648

On Tuesday night, I had a girl’s night with Chhorvy and Uyen. We went to Harlem Public and had the best fatty food: shredded pork sandwich with tater tots, wings, mac ‘n cheese, parmesan crusted burger with onion wings. Yes, we like to eat.IMG_0640

More street art. This old lady was on the side of a building with a lot more, but I didn’t want to look too much like a tourist.

On Tuesday Mike and I walked around and got Ramen and this all white building was in the neighborhood. I couldn’t pass it by without taking a picture because even the trees were all white.

Street art by the High Line in ChelseaIMG_0647

Street art by the High Line in Chelsea.

See more pictures from our trip on Mike’s blog, the Skinny Fat Kid. We can’t wait to be back in the city at the end of May!


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