Spring/Summer Fashion Inspiration

Since I’m going to try this whole “trying” thing now, I thought it would be beneficial to do a little fashion research.  What I liked may not be exactly on trend, but at least it’s put together.  This Spring/Summer I think I’ll go for a more girly look with three main categories of clothing; flowy skirts, fun prints, and classics with a twist.




For the flowy skirt look, it looks like my eye is more drawn to longer lengths. I’m not a fan of mini or short skirts, but I don’t have the best luck with longer skirts. I guess this year will be the year to try them out again.  What I like most about these skirts is that they look good with button downs and t-shirts (but i would recommend always tucking the shirts in).

From left to right: I love the pleated, flowy look of this first one. The second one is tulle. I’ve always wanted a tulle skirt, but most of them are too puffy. Not this one! Then the last one: glitter galore! I actually bought this one so we’ll have to see how it looks. I’ll post about it for sure!



Spring/Summer are all about florals and color so of course I’m drawn to colorful prints.  I’d have to say the ice cream cone shift dress is my favorite. If anyone knows who it is by, let me know.



Since I do tend to be frugal, classics with a twist will always be on my mind. I have my eyes out for a camo blazer since I’ve been wanting camo in my life for about two years now.  Since warmer weather means air conditioning at work, blazers are perfect.  I also want a wrap dress because it’s a fashion staple for women (thank you DVF). A simple one like the one pictured would be perfect, but I’d go for a print as well.

What do you want to wear this Spring/Summer? If you see any of the pieces I’m going for, please let me know.


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