Back to Fashion and Trying

I posted yesterday about being inspired from our NYC trip, but I wanted to share my other takeaway.  BEING FASHIONABLE AND ACTUALLY TRYING.

New Yorkers are a different breed when it comes to fashion. I don’t know if it’s because everyone wants to stand out or because it’s a fashion mecca. But everyone is fierce and dedicated to their look. Seeing my friends prepare themselves for work way different than my morning routine in Chicago. I realized it is so easy to be lazy about my look here. Yes, people are still judgmental in Chicago, but nothing like New Yorkers.

All of my fashionable, “trying” friends. Thanks for being my inspiration.

So my new challenge for myself is to live by the motto of  “Dress for the job you want and not the job you have.”

I’ve already started and my coworkers have noticed (kind of bad, huh?). Maybe I’ll finally accomplish#8 on my 26 Things to Do list.

photo 2
Easter Sunday outfit. My makeup actually took me a really long time, unfortunately.
photo 1
What I wore on Friday. I pulled out the vintage leather jacket that was a hand-me-down.
First manicure in awhile. I hope I can keep this going. Thanks Uyen for inspiring me to be put together all the way to my nails.

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