A Book A Month (March) : The Imperfectionists

March’s book was The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman. Shelby from See Shels attempted another book club, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend. If you went please let me know.20140309-150706.jpg

If you’re looking for a book to read and you’re a journalist, interested in newspaper or writers, this book is for you.

Pages: 304

Synopsis: This  novel is set around a fictional English international newspaper based out of Rome. In each short story you see the beginning, struggle and failing of a 24/7 newspaper through the story lines of its staff (past and present).

Review: As a writer, I related to the book, but it wasn’t as good as people portrayed it. I never wanted to be a newspaper journalist because of the style of writing, but attending Newhouse taught me all writing is based on of it. Every writer needs to know how to find a story, have strong reporting skills, know how to work on a deadline, respect news, and fight for their career even though the industry isn’t as strong and respected as it used to be. The Imperfectionists has characters in each chapter facing all the aforementioned dilemmas.

I don’t think non-writers would be interested in this book, but maybe I’m wrong. I only thought it interesting because Rachman wrote the characters into each others’ story lines, showing them in a different sense then in their personal chapter. You see the top editor as a hard ass boss in a staff’s chapter, and then a struggling woman in her chapter. It’s a believable portrayal of the life of a newspaper employee, but not a portrayal I’d recommend reading.

Rating: 4/10

If you read The Imperfectionists, join me in a discussion here.


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