Dreamer: Kamaly Pierre

g5838Email me at

How old are you? 29

How old do you act? Let’s just say I’d still sing into a fan.

Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY

What’s so great about where you live? There are so many layers to the borough. The history, the culture and raw talent that’s come from here and continues to bloom here.

What’s your current job? Creative Director. I work with various companies and projects to provide photography, videography, and/or overall creative direction. Beyond that, I lead dameinspired.com, a project that celebrates and inspires fearlessness in women.

What’s your dream job? It doesn’t have to be a title, you can describe what you’d be doing in that job. If you do work your dream job, tell us about it. I want to be someone people seek out to bring really cool ideas to life. I’ve been fortunate to work on campaigns with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Eventbrite and now the social enterprise, Hall Pass Tour LLC. My dream is to continue working with rad individuals and brands looking to create unique cultural impacts through varied initiatives.

What does your dream life include? A lot of laughter. A lot of champagne. And a lot of hard earned wins.

Besides money, how can people help you reach that ultimate dream life? Don’t be shy. Help comes in many forms: Hire me. Recommend me. Challenge me.

Do you have dream contacts you’d like to make? I like to leave that sort of thing to fate because you might think someone’s a dream contact until you meet them and it’s in fact a hellish encounter. Being myself and being open minded has been my gateway to amazing connections- celebrity and otherwise. I enjoy it that way.

Who would you invite to a dream dinner? God. He’s got the answers and I want them.

What’s your dream trip? Fiji. No, Greece. Wait– South Africa?… Oy.

What’s the biggest dream you’ve attained so far in your life? I started trusting myself and began working for my passions versus my bills. That was feat #1. Next up: this education and clean water project in Kenya. rally.org/EO7Kenya

What’s the best advice someone has given you to attain your dreams? I met Bill T. Jones while at WNET- one of my favorite interviews to date- and asked him, without having a clue what my dreams were, what advice would he give me? He autographed a photo for me with the words “No Fear.”

What’s your advice to others? Eventually you realize no one knows what they’re doing and everyone’s merely testing ideas out. But the people who have the balls to test them more often and more daringly, see the results. Get to it.

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