Dreaming of a New Apartment

It’s almost that time again, the hunt for a new apartment.  We have a bigger budget this time so it should be easy to find something we love. Wrong.  Having a pit bull makes the hunt a lot harder because most Chicago buildings don’t accept dogs, only allow dogs under 30 lbs, or don’t allow aggressive breeds. I can go into a rant of why pit bulls aren’t really aggressive, but let’s talk about the fun part of looking for a new apartment; the decorating.

A new apartment means a fresh look.  A new space to make comfy, welcoming, and ours. It will be full of everything Desir. And by that, I mean a space created after we’ve been married. I don’t think it will be that much different, but it will be our first place after getting married. I love the look and feel of our apartment, but I’m dreaming of a bigger space that more people will visit us at for holidays, parties, and just hanging out.  Maybe this time around we’ll actually paint, have a pantry, and a second bedroom! I can only dream, but here, take a look at what’s in my mind for the apartment we’ll hopefully find at the end of April!

via Witeanddelight_’s instagram

What better room to start with other than the entryway.  I would love a big enough entry way for a cute coat rack, our little table, a mirror and a big-ass wallpaper statement.  I don’t really like this pattern, but I love the idea. I like this, this (not the one she’s hanging), and especially this.

via abeautifulmess.com

I love everything to do with Emma’s, from A Beautiful Mess, living room. The whole wall of bookcases, the ladder, the gallery wall, the mix-and-match furniture, the fireplace, etc. I really want to recover our love seat in crazy color like theirs or an awesome pattern.

via stylemepretty.com

I also really want to recover our armchair in fabric like this. It’s the best combo of polka dots and animal print. Something that doesn’t scream girly, but is feminine. This pattern is even Mike-approved.

The main thing we want  in our new apartment is a bigger kitchen. If you don’t follow Mike’s Blog, you should know that he’s a cook so he’d love more space to make epic dishes.  I know we’d both love more counter space for all our kitchen appliances we got as wedding gifts and for more prep space. Extra perks would be subway tiles and open cabinets like you see in this picture. I also love that this kitchen is black and white. We have so many colorful kitchen gadgets that would be a fun pop of color for the space.

via Liesbet Goetschalckx

A pantry like this, or any pantry, would be a nice change. The more storage the better since I still have tubs of unpacked kitchen ware in my closet.

via my mini house of style

We’d definitely need room for our dining table to host dinner parties. Right now it’s a tight squeeze to sit four people around the table, so the bigger the better. I love how our current dining room houses our cookbooks, so a built-in one like this picture would be great too. I also want a cowhide rug. Why you may ask? Cowhides are hard to stain. I learned that from spilling red wine on my friend’s, the stain came out incredibly easy. I know my vegan and animal-lover followers may not like this, but there are  faux-fur options that give the same look.

via dreams + jeans

If you can’t tell, I have a thing for black and white decorating. I love it because it lets you emphasize accents. For example, the simple color scheme lets the gold hardware, the chevron wood floors, and awesome claw foot tub stand out.

via elle decoration

I saw this pin years ago and still love it. A simple way to bring color and happiness into a space.

via pinterest

This is the ultimate dream bedroom. A huge, beautiful window, a fireplace, and a solid wood bed frame. The only thing I’d add to this room is romantic drapery around the bed like this or this.

I could post more pictures, but I think this is a good overall feel of our dream apartment. Who thinks we’ll be able to find something like this that is a two bedroom, under $1000 and accepts pit bulls in Chicago? Dream big or don’t dream at all.


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