Your Biggest Accomplishment

Pete Cashmore/biggest accomplishment

I want to take Pete Cashmore‘s, Founder & CEO of Mashable, lead and have everyone share their accomplishments at least one day a week. I haven’t chosen what day yet, but I think it will be a great exercise for encouragement and self praise.

I know that some days, most days recently, I get bogged down with little failures or stress, and I forget what I’ve truly accomplished things during the day. Sometimes just getting out of bed and putting makeup on can be an accomplishment. So let’s start bragging about it. We need to start making ourselves feel special and remind ourselves that we are doing good even if we’re stressed out.

Let’s start today and share our biggest accomplishment from the last seven days, and like Pete’s exercise, it can be personal or professional.

My biggest accomplishment: standing up for what is right at my job even if it makes some people uncomfortable. I’m there to do my best, so that is what I’m going to do.


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