My Decade Kickstarter

This week’s Dreamer, Jemar, self-published a book of poetry last year with the help of family and friends. This year he’s making My Decade into an audio book.

It’s not your granny’s audio book though. With the help of some friends (some of mine too!) he’s paired all the poems from My Decade with original beats.

jemar 120713 looks 1024 sz-4

If you know Meezy at all, you know that this is going to be a dope project. His favorite artists are Janelle Monae, The Kings of Leon, Jean Grae, Tennille, and The-Dream. You can’t tell me that that’s not a great roster of artists to pull inspiration from.

So check out his Kickstarter campaign video and get to supporting! He has some great perks ( a personal poem written for you, by him for $120) to correspond with levels of pledges. The deadline is Sunday, February 2nd and he needs $5,750 to see any of the money pledge.  Let’s make dreams happen!


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