Eyeglasses for Cheap!

Working with fellow penny-pinchers has its perks. I recently learned from our graphic designer, Jamie, about a website zennioptical.com. It has trendy glasses for $6.95-$39.95.

They may not be your Warby Parker, Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban quality, but they’re fashionable and you won’t kick yourself for breaking them.

For $12 each, why not get three or fours pairs?! I have about 10 favorited right now and can’t wait to buy some. I even took a peek in the men’s section and selected some. They’re definitely on point with Warby Parker, but more friendly for this bargain-loving girl.

The whole process is so easy too! You can try them on with a picture, you type in your prescription and measurements, and BAM! You’re done! They’re even offering a 10% off Valentine’s Day special. I really wish my mom wouldn’t have thrown away my old prescription. Oh well, guess I’ll finally have to visit the eye doctor to buy some of my favorites.

Take a look!

Zenni Optical Glasses


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