Steve Jobs Inspires

photo via Paper Crowns
photo via Paper Crowns

I was tweeting today how I felt uninspired to blog. It’s hard to come up with original ideas or to no just do a round-up of pins I’m loving. So I took Jill Badlotto’s advice anyway and went to Pinterest. I know, I’m pathetic.

I came across this photo and immediately loved it. “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” It reminds me a lot of why I started this website. I was hungry for a job, but I was “foolish” because I was a big dreamer –no, I do not think of dreamers as foolish people. People would think I was  foolish because I was still trying to get my dream job three years out of college. Why not just stay in retail? Why not just work wherever? But I was still hungry for a writing job and I eventually got it. Granted this writing job is not really a writing job, I’m still getting closer to my dream.

I’m still hungry to learn. I’m still foolish in some of my actions, but it’s all a part of attaining my ultimate dreams.  I didn’t know that this quote was from a Steve Jobs speech until I clicked on the pin to give the right website attribution. I should’ve remembered since that speech is kind of famous, but anyways. If this quote worked for Steve Jobs, it can work for me too. So I don’t care what anyway says, I’m going to stay hungry and foolish, no matter what. Maybe a little less when I hit that Creative Director dream job, but maybe most likely not.


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