Dreamer: Stephanie Stock

Stephanie Stock



How old are you? 22

How old do you act? I’ve been told I have an “old soul,” but I like to think about it this way; this is the youngest I’ve ever been and the oldest I’ll ever be, so I take it day by day and act however I feel.

Where do you live? Chicago, IL

What’s so great about where you live? Chicago is a great city for young professionals and young artists. It has so many opportunities and the feel of a big city, but it’s still the Midwest so you get a little taste of home. 

What’s your current job? I call it a bridge job; I serve at nights which allows me time during the day to do classes, auditions, castings and any other things I need to in order to achieve my goals.  

What’s your dream job? It doesn’t have to be a title, you can describe
what you’d be doing in that job. If you do work your dream job, tell
us about it. I want to help people and serve. I do not have a title for this job, but when I look back at my life I want to say that I helped people all over the world do better and feel better about themselves, and the world they live in.  There’s a quote that I love that says, “I don’t want to be famous, I want to be fabulous and change the world, if that requires a few people knowing my name then so be it.”

What does your dream life include? It changes every year, but the one thing that remains the same is I want to be surrounded by family  and friends, doing work that is meaningful. 

Besides money, how can people help you reach that ultimate dream life?
Don’t be shy. I think more important than money is the connections that are made in life and business. I would love to ‘apprentice’ with a successful entrepreneur in the  industry, so I can learn from them and use that knowledge to build my own empire. 

Who would you invite to a dream dinner? The most interesting encounters don’t always happen in nice, cozy restaurants, but if I had the opportunity to sit down with two people, dead or alive, I would choose my favorite author, Paulo Coelho and Nelson Mandela. 

What’s your dream trip? I plane to travel the world and I would love to visit Bora Bora. 

What’s the biggest dream you’ve attained so far in your life? Graduating college on a full academic scholarship. Although a college degree is not necessary to do the things that I wish to do with my life, I am grateful that I was able to attend because it has given me opportunities and life-changing experiences. 

What’s the best advice someone has given you to attain your dreams? Remain in the present because carrying the weight of the past will hold you back from your success and change how you feel about your future. 

What’s your advice to others? In General: Practice doing everything you do with passion and enthusiasm, so when you have the opportunity to do what you really love others will feel your excitement and be inspired by it.

In my industry: Don’t take anything personal; neither praise nor criticism.



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