Dreamer: Clarissa Nicole



Name: Clarissa Nicole

Age: 27

Lives In: Dallas, Texas

Current Job: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Blogger

Ultimate Dreams: To take over the world. Sort of kidding. To have Five12 Studio be a place where designers, photographers, lifestyle writers, and those alike can come together and work. Also, to offer a platform for inspiration, no matter who and what you are.

What are you doing to attain your dream?
Actually going for it in 2014. As cliché as it sounds, 2013 was full of, “I could but what if.” I was full of insecurities in what I want to do. This year I’m being positive and just saying, “do it.”

What do you think you ultimately need to attain your dreams?
Faith, positivity, and a good support system.
– Faith in yourself is the ultimate. If you don’t have it in yourself, no one else will have it for you.

– Positivity: You have to speak it out in the atmosphere that what you want will happen. The journey might be rough, but you’ll get there. That was cheesy, wasn’t it? 😉

– A good support system: It’s not about the numbers, as much as it is to have someone say, “You got this, homie!” when you’re feeling a bit beaten down.

Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them?
Well I started ‘Five12 Studio’ after going back and forth on whether I actually should, I’m building my community and contacts in the blogging/design/photography community, so yes. But I also have a while to go until I’m satisfied at where I am, so not yet, but it will happen.

What’s your advice to other dreamers?
Two things: If you think negative, you’ll be negative. Take it from someone who is super hard on herself:  try to be positive as much as possible. Embrace change. When you’re having a rough moment, take a walk/run, cook something healthy or watch cat videos on YouTube.

Find your voice and use it. Makes no sense in trying to copy everyone else that’s out there, so do you and people will gravitate toward it.

If you missed the icons below her picture, here are all the essential links you’ll need to support Clarissa and Five12 Studio.

Blog: five12studio.blogspot.com (inspiration and life musings from yours truly).
Tweet: @five12studio
Facebook: facebook.com/five12studio
Instagram: five12studio If you like food and sunrises/sunsets, you will LOVE my stream 😉
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/five12studio (adding new stuff there soon!)


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