A Book A Month (December): Paris Wife by Paula McLain


Paris Wife by Paula McLain info.

Pages: 352

Synopsis: A portrayal of love and betrayal. It starts in 1920 in Chicago and Hadley Richardson, 28, has almost given up on love. She meets Ernest f at a party and they almost instantly fall in love. After a little disapproval of a close friend, they get married and move to Paris. They become the golden couple among the “Lost Generation” group, aka the Fitzgeralds, Gertrude Stein, and Ezra Pound, but things start to change in private. Hemingway starts to struggle with his writing and their marriage is tested in many ways. We all know how it ends because Hemingway wrote he would’ve rather died than fallen in love with anyone but Hadley.

Opinion: Let me cut to the chase and say this was my favorite book I read in 2013. I knew that it was going to be great because of overhearing the title mentioned in conversations and seeing its cover in the media, but I didn’t know what the story was about. My coworker gave me the book, so I didn’t read the back cover to decide if it was worthy of the little money I have. I read the title and thought This is going to be a book about a Paris wife who drinks wine, eats bread, and has amazing adventures in the city of lights. Boy was I wrong, but it was for the better.

I fell in love with Hemingway and now all I want to do is read his classics. Yes, it’s kind of weird that I fell in love with Hemingway because he didn’t write this story and he was kind of an asshole in the book, but this book showed me his struggles as a writer and it only inspired me more.

Paula did an amazing job of portraying this golden couple. I felt like I was one of Hadley and Ernest’s friends. I couldn’t help but cheer on Hadley for being an amazing wife. She was more loyal than most women you learn about in the media and literature. She did everything for Ernest. Supported him in all his dreams while sacrificing things she wanted. In the long run, I did support their decision to break up because Hadley deserved to be happy too. It was admirable of her to stick it out as long as she did, though.

I think this book proves things aren’t as they always seem to be in the public eye. I could keep going on about this book, but you need to read it to experience a true masterpiece. There are so many story lines, lessons, and beautiful characters you need to get to know.

Rating: 10/10

Do you agree? Tell me your favorite parts of the book in the comment section.


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