Pins I’m Loving

original photo via

Pho is the best meal for cold weather. I think one of my goals to do this winter is to make a delicious pho. Who else has recipes worth trying?

image via Clairant Tumblr

I can’t stop dreaming about our future honeymoon. We don’t have a definite date for it yet, but I do know that we’ll be visiting Paris. This image is so gorgeous. A part of me wishes we could go sooner to catch the Eiffel Tower in the snow. 

original image via Adriaan Louw Photography Portfolio

Not only is the image beautifully composed, it’s my dream kitchen. It has green cabinets, what?! Open shelves, hanging pots, lots of cookbooks, and modern appliances. It’s perfect.

image via Butterstinker but unaware of original source

Since getting my peacock tattoo is on my list of to do, I need to figure out the placement. What about this? Slightly on the shoulder but mostly on my arm. I don’t know.

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