Dreamer: Paul & Nick of Coast 10 Clothing

Photo credit: Brittany Obee

Paul Weaver and Nicholas Sandish of Coast 10 Clothing

Age: 20 (Paul Weaver) & 21 (Nicholas Sandish)

Lives In: Minneapolis, MN Current Job: Owners of Coast 10 Clothing Ultimate Dreams: To have our creative minds executed in a fashion sense seen by as many individuals as the world allows. What are you doing to attain your dream? We are building relationships with other creative minds and bouncing ideas off one another to maximize our potential in our specific forte. What do you think you ultimately need to attain your dreams? To ultimately attain our dreams we believe in first our brand, and second ourselves. Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them? Yes, we have successfully launched ‘The First Wave’ of our brand Coast 10 Clothing. This was attained through hard work in the creative suites of the upper Midwest [Minneapolis]. What’s your advice to other dreamers? Always strive to better yourself, your business, and your employees, but you have to be realistic when approaching each new obstacle. Nothing good will come or last over night, so be realistic with your goals and expectations. Of course you need to set long-term personal and professional goals, but with that, set some shorter-term goals as well to help yourself get to those longer-term endings. When we first sat down to discuss all of the different designs and items that we were going to carry for our first line, there were about a million different things we wanted to do. We then sat back and started thinking on a more realistic stand. Were we really going to be able to carry 40 different designs, and on top of that have stock for each size? We soon realized that carrying only a limited variety of items at first would be to the best of our advantage, to gain brand recognition, and then we could add to our line as we grow. Thanks Nick and Paul! It was great getting to know you and Coast 10 Clothing. If you guys like what you’re reading, show them some love. Make sure you follow them too so you can see what city they’ll be in next to hand out free Coast 10 Clothing gear. Website: http://www.coast10clothing.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/coast10clothing [@coast10clothing] Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/coast10clothing [@coast10clothing] Owners: Twitter: @paulwheatthins & @nicksnapple Instagram: @paulwheatthins & @nicksnapple


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