Dreamer: Elissa Arana

Name: Elissa Arana
Age: 28
Lives In: Astoria (Queens), NY. From Brooklyn, NY.
Current Job: Online shopping destination owner
Ultimate Dreams: To cultivate ShopReverie.com into the ultimate e-commerce business bringing style to the girl who knows the trends, but isn’t a slave to them. Our formula is whimsical meets rebellious. I’m always trying to bring unique, on-trend fashion to the table. My ultimate dream is to combine really awesome style with a blog that that delivers inspirational, exciting and beautiful content to the consumer.
What are you doing to attain your dream?
Working full time to order the best styles possible from brands like DV by Dolce Vita, Finders Keepers, Bardot Australia, and Keepsake the Label. I merchandise, buy, coordinate all photo shoots and reach out to editors for press. The blog section will be launched in a few weeks, with not only images, but interviews from “it girls” and celebs on what they’ve done to reach their success.
What do you think you ultimately need to attain your dreams?
My biggest initiative right now is to get more celeb placements in products from ShopReverie.com. Our biggest placement to date was Angela Simmons (daughter of Run DMC legend Reverend Run), in a dress from ShopReverie.com. The plan is to consistently bring awesome style that celebrities are interested in wearing, and then hopefully have a continuous stream of press through those placements. In terms of work ethic, I need to be relentless on my media reach outs, I need to continue to think strategically with a business-minded mentality and of course always keeping a positive outlook.
Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them?
Throughout my time as a business owner I’ve attained many dreams that originally felt like distant goals. ShopReverie.com has been featured on countless online media outlets including Refinery29.comPeopleStyleWatch.comTeenVogue.com, and E-How.com, along with daytime shows across the East Coast. Much of my press comes from a different starting point. Some were referrals from media-insider supporters, some were a result of me constantly chasing and following up with a specific editor, and some came from bloggers to whom I’ve gifted product to. You have to try all avenues when working to gain press, especially when you don’t have a PR company to handle this for you.
What’s your advice to other dreamers?
My advice to dreamers is to constantly think about what you’re doing. How you want your product or service to be different; how you’re going to get to each step or milestone; what’s going to be the next big thing in your industry. Your ideas may change, and things will not always go as planned, but if you’re always brainstorming, answers and solutions will come. I would also say to surround yourself with like-minded people & people who are in a similar situation or industry to find support and advice.
Please feel free to check out  ShopReverie.com. There is so much more in store for it and I hope you will stay tuned!

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