Accomplished #17: Our Dreamy Wedding:

photo credit Kazoo Photography

My last name on my social security card is Desir, we have our wedding photos from Kazoo Photography, and Be U Weddings showcased our wedding on their website.  It’s finally time to tell ya’ll about my #17 accomplishment from last year.

Our wedding was all about us. The colors, the food, the unique schedule of events, the music, the drinks, etc. I could go on. It was so fun to see our vision come to life with the help of my mom, our friend Peter and a whole bunch of my other family members that got roped into things at the last minute.

Some of my favorite things:

Our adventure around Chicago with our amazing photographer Jess Denton (my cousin’s wife) of Kazoo Photography. We took our NYC friends around Chicago and goofed around some of the popular Chicago sights.

Our food: We at dessert first so that was exciting. My mom did an amazing job with our cake. My dad made his famous cheesecakes and my sister and friend made vegan apple pie. We also had pumpkin pie (made by yours truly), cupcakes from Sweet Mandy Bees, and Salted Caramel’s S’mores Brownies.

Then came ArTango’s family-style shrimp broil with mac ‘n cheese and bread rolls. There was so much food. It was amazing!

Seeing Our Friends and Family: It was amazing to see all our friends and family together. We had people come from every region to be at our wedding. It was truly an honor to see how much we are loved. The best was that everyone seemed to have a great time together.

The ceremony: It may have been a tad long, but it was beautiful. My Uncle Mark performed a Lutheran wedding. It was a great way to share my faith with my friends and to profess Mike and I’s real commitment to each other.

It all happened so fast and I can’t believe that I’ve been Mrs. Desir for almost three months. I have to say that our day was a success due to my mother for making our venue look gorgeous, our friend Peter Sloterdyk for being our day-of-coordinator when ours dropped the ball, our amazing photographer Jess Denton at Kazoo Photography, ArTango for the delicious food and attentive staff, and Jennifer from Drinks on Me Catering for being the best bartender.

Everyone’s been asking if it all feels different, but it really doesn’t. Mike and I love each other just the same. Our fingers just weigh a little more now.

To see more pictures, head over to Be U Weddings. Jess did an amazing job (I cry every time I look at them).


2 thoughts on “Accomplished #17: Our Dreamy Wedding:

  1. The pictures are wonderful and the day looked like it was truly a reflection of the love and joy you two share! I’m so SO happy for you!! Congratulations! (better late than never right?)

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