A Thankful Moment

photo credit: The Fresh Exchange Blog
photo credit: The Fresh Exchange Blog

It’s Saturday and I’m sitting on my couch with my heals on my coffee table. Christmas lights on. Lex is napping. I’m sipping on hot cocoa and it’s snowing. It’s beautiful. I checked the stats on Dream Till Green’s Facebook, Pinterest, and webpage, and all I can be is thankful.

Readership, Likes, and Followers have all increased and I don’t particularly know why. But it’s reassuring. I’ve been working extremely hard at my full-time job, not always getting credit for things. I’ve been trying to keep up with Dream Till Green and trying to make sure Mike and I are having fun. It’s all been a juggle, but I’m thankful.

I set up my dreams for this year in November and I’m thinking they’re all very doable. I’ve already accomplished one and I’m my way to others. This also reminds me I need to finish writing up all the ones from last year (oops!). For all my new readers, please check out my list of to-dos for this year. I’d love some help. You technically already are by likes on Facebook and following on Pinterest, but there are others I need help with.

As always, I’m looking for Dreamers to feature. So get to bragging! Or get to thinking of a post I can publish to help attain your dreams. This website is here to help everyone, but I don’t always have the time to find you. Please contact me via katie@dreamtillgreen.com, @katiedesir, and @dreamtillgreen.

Thank you for everything! And keep dreaming!


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