Be A Sassy Dreamer

I’m excited to announce a great offer for you Chicago Dreamers. Since I’m a part of the wonderful Chicago Blogger Network I’m able to hook you up with discounted tickets to the Sassy City Chicago “Girls’ Day Out” at the Double Tree on December 15th.

I like to pride myself as a not so girlie girl, but events like this bring it out in me. There will be discounts, spa treatments, cocktails, and giveaways. Do I need to say more to convince you to join me?!

The image below says the event could be up to $40, but you’re able to get a discount by entering SassyDreamers. After you apply the code, a third option of a VIP ticket will show…click that and you’ll be go to go for free!

Go buy your tickets here now. There’s only 30 for my Dreamers. Let me know when it’s all processed by using #SassyDreamer on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for who’s attending with me.



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