Words To Live By: Ralph Waldo Emmerson


Career-wise things have been a little rough. I saw this pin of Ralph Waldo Emmerson’s quote  it made me step back and think, I can’t let my problems push me to something different. I need to focus on my dreams and work through it. It doesn’t matter that I’m  writing everything, editing, helping with marketing and advertising, doing almost all of the social media, dabbling in design, and trying to help anyone with web problems all while being paid a below-standard salary. It’s a great resume builder and I’ll know how to handle in situation in an office atmosphere. I need to keep my eye on the prize  and not let anything mislead me. I will be a top editor or creative director some day. It’s jobs like this that fill in the time during a E True Life Story that everyone can relate to. It’s just a matter of time that I’ll be in my ideal creative and collaborative office. Until then, I’ll be working for my dreams.


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