Dreamer: Christina (Peluso) Isherwood

Christina (Peluso) Isherwood

website photo


Lives in: Chicago, IL (raised in Riverside, IL)

Current Job: Founder of Peluso Isherwood Public Relations

Ultimate Dreams: To become a media maven that regularly has clients featured on shows like the Today Show and Good Morning America, and featured in national newspapers and magazines. I’ve always loved telling people about cool people, places and events. I’m just as passionate about telling people about my amazing clients. So if I can build a business around that passion I will be incredibly happy.

What are you doing to attain your dream?

I just launched my business this Fall, so right now I’m doing a lot of networking. I’m looking to meet people I can bring on as clients and I’m also looking to meet new people in the media. A lot of PR is about personal relationships, so it’s my job to foster the ones I have and continually work to make new ones.

Another big project right now is my website. I’m lucky to have a lot of creative friends in the media world. So right now I’m working with a good friend to create a logo and a website to help visually brand my new firm. First impressions can make or break you, right?

What do you think you need to ultimately need to attain your dreams?

I think I’ll feel like I’ve really made it when I have a staff of creatives I can work with every day. I have a lot of amazing friends in the journalism/communications/pr world. Back in college at the University of Illinois, my journalism classmates and I always joked about starting our own magazine or working together in some form. Creative people really feed off each other and help foster great new ideas. If I’m able to create that type of work environment, I’d really
feel like I hit the jackpot.

Have you attained any dreams? If so, what were they and what did you do to attain them?

I worked at a local news station for 7 years until I left and started my own business this Fall. Working in TV news was a dream come true and I was very lucky to have that opportunity right after graduating from college. Working in the newsroom is a crazy, hectic and bizarre
work environment unlike anything else out there. Every day was different. One day you were reporting on important political news. The next you were featuring a Victoria’s Secret Angel or a local pro athlete.

It was a great experience but over time my goals changed. Working in TV doesn’t give you holidays off, you have crazy bosses, deal with a lot of heavy topics and you work some really crazy hours. I worked the night shift (Midnight to 8am) for six years! So as my life evolved I
realized I had a new dream and that was to start my own business. So I would say right now I’m working towards making my new dream a reality.

What’s your advice to other dreamers?

Be brave but also ask for help. Leaving the only job I had known since college was really scary but it was totally worth it. I was also very lucky to have a very supportive husband to coach me through this big career change. I also had a lot of wonderful friends and business contacts to give me advice and encouragement. Having that outlet was a huge help.

My other advice: Do something you love. Following your dream is going to take sweat, blood, tears and a lot of time. It will take you away from family and friends, so it better be worth it. If you’re not passionate about it, don’t be afraid to find something new.


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