Be KIND in Chicago

Have you ever had those delicious but nutritious KIND bars? If not, you’re missing out. My favorite is the Almond and Coconut bar, but there are a couple right behind it on my list. Why am I talking these bars up? Because KIND has partnered with the Bicycle Film Festival to celebrate and inspire kindness by inviting Chicagoans to deliver flowers  to a friend, colleague, or family member (anyone within the city!) from November 8-14th. I know there’s only two days left, but get on it!

All of the flowers and KIND bars will be delivered via bike to be environmentally friendly and to promote the Bicycle Film Festival.


I’ve already signed up to delivery about five of these cute little packages of KINDness. I can’t wait for my lovely friends to receive them! The deal is totally free and easy to do. Go to and make your friends’ days. Another great thing about this campaign is that if your friend isn’t there, they will deliver the flower and bar to a nursing home. How sweet is that?

I’ll go into detail on who I sent mine to and why after 3pm so it’s a surprise for all my recipients. If you send them, tell me you the lucky people are.

Go sign up and spread the KINDness and tweet about it too!!


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