An Awesome App: Printic


I’ve always wanted to find a good app or service to print my instagrams or pictures from my phone, and then Flo from Printic contacted me. The app is free and all you do is pick the pictures you want, pay 99 cent for each print, and they’re mailed to you in 3-5 days!  It was the easiest process.

I loved that I was able to edit the pictures within the app (effects and you can add text) and they print like little polaroids. It’s also a great gift idea because you have the option of sending pictures to a different address. They come in that little orange envelope so you feel really special. The even cooler thing is if you buy over 50 prints, they send them to you in an orange box. And you all know how much I love orange.

It was the perfect timing for Flo to contact me because I was able to select the pictures from our wedding from Facebook and text message and have them the next week. It was so dreamy to have pictures on my desk at work one week after the wedding.

Thank you Printic! I’d recommend it to anyone! Go to the website to read more, and go download the app!


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