My Birthday!

Another year will have passed this Saturday and I’m ready for more adventures. I didn’t cross of all of my 25 Things to do while 25, but I’m proud of the 12 I did. This year was probably the best year of my life so far. I moved to Chicago and basically became independent from my parents, I got a full-time job out of sales retail, I married Mike, and I’ve kept myself challenged the whole time.

I have to say out of all the 25 things I wanted to do, the hardest was reading a book each month. But it was probably the best thing for me too. I find it refreshing during my morning commute to not stare at a phone screen. It also makes me feel like I have something to talk about that most people don’t. Get off of twitter and Pinterest, people! Grab a book! It will be great for your brain and your eyes.

I haven’t finished writing all my posts of what I’ve accomplished, but at least you can see which ones I did from the list below.

I’ve decided to make this a yearly tradition, so I’ve also created another list. There are some repeats, but this year I’m making them easier to record. So take a look at my list on the other post and see how you can help me accomplish my 26 Things While Being 26.

My 25 Things
1. Get my peacock tattoo in remembrance of my grandma with my sister.

2. Get a full-time writing or editing job.(Accomplished August 24)

3. Take a whole day off with Mike and do awesome things like brunch, walking around, a movie, dinner. (Basically a week’s worth of dates in one day)

4. Visit NYC and see all my friends.

5. Go to Europe

6. Finish an entire crossword puzzle with no help(Accomplished August 15)

7. Get over 1000 views in one day on this website(Accomplished June 6)

8. Make legit business cards for me and this website

9. Go to a Bulls game (Accomplished November 6, 2012)

10. Go to a Bears game

11. Take a roadtrip to Milwaukee and tour the beer companies

12. Go camping!

13. Have an article published in a nationally-acclaimed publication

14. Try Ethiopian food 

15. Get a bigger apartment with a pantry

16. Get retweeted by someone famous. (silly but it would be fun)

17. Get married to Mike and have the best day ever. (I know this will happen but it is a dream for every girl,right?)(Accomplished September 28)

18. Have my own closet where every single piece of clothing has it’s own hanger. (Accomplished May )

19. Find the best pho in Chicago (Realized it was the best in March)

20. Read at least one book a month (stay tuned. seems like a good post to write up)

21. Make the 1000 cranes with Mike without one fight. (Accomplished Sept. 9)

22. See more of my family.

23. Do yoga.

24. Take more pictures to cherish.

25. Sleep more.


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