26 Things to do While 26

I’ve decided to continue  my to-do list for each year of life. If you’re new to the blog, I started this challenge last year to  make myself do new things. All things on my 26 Things To-Do List are attainable, but some do need help from others. So, if you think you can help me , let me know. I’m easy to contact.

26 Things to Do:

1. Get the peacock tattoo with my sister in memory of our Grandma

2. Take a trip to NYC  (accomplished 4/11-4/16)

3. Go to Europe

4. Get 1000 Likes on Facebook for Dream Till Green

5. Go to Milwaukee for a brewery tour (accomplished 2/15)

6. Read a book each month

7. Save at least $50 a month (may bump up if I get a raise)

8. Keep my nails painted without chips at the beginning of the day for one month straight.

9. Stay in a hotel room in Chicago for no specific reason. Just for fun.

10. Get an article/ blog post published in/on a major publication platform

11. Get over 1000 Pinterest followers for either this blog or my personal account.

12. Get a job that is more creative. Maybe with a brand, agency or magazine.

13. Successfully surprise Mike with an awesome adventure

14. Train Lex to not be anxious when we leave for work. (no specific date, but he’s good now)

15. Make at least 3 new Chicago friends that are not friends of friends.

16. Have a wine and cheese party.

17. Host a dinner party with fabric napkins, table runner, and decor. (accomplished on Thanksgiving)

18. Reupholster/recover loveseat or white chair

19. Become an official member of St. James church and be active.  (accomplished 3/23)

20. Complete our dishes set of 8. Including the proper kinds of glassware.

21. Have a famous person (twitter verified and relevant in culture) featured as a Dreamer on this website.

22. Volunteer at a food shelter.

23. Run a 5k

24. Pay off all credit card debt

25. Make our dream bed come true. With a box frame, headboard, egg crate, and down mattress topper.

26. Take a picture with Mike each month.


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