Best Halloween

I’ve always loved Halloween (well at least I think so). The costumes, the pumpkins, the candy, the scary movies… Oh, and it means my birthday is in two days. So here’s what I wish every Halloween consisted of :


Some awesome carved pumpkins. I’ve never gotten that intense with my carving, but I’d love to try something like the pumpkin above. I didn’t even carve one this year.


You need decorations that aren’t tacky and predictable. I love how my past manager Jeromy, also founder of, decorated his living room. It’s the perfect combination of creepy and sophistication.


The perfect costume. I’m going as a pineapple this year. I’m excited since I only need to make the headband. I do think my Care Bear costume in college was pretty great too.



Then of course there has to be a Halloween party. I love these decorations because they’re a little quirky and very minimalistic.


Of course guacamole needs to be on the menu and why not have it come out of a pumpkin’s mouth?


And what’s a party without a piñata?

So that’s my dream Halloween. What do think makes the best Halloween?


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