Pins I’m Loving

I haven’t done a round up of my favorites in awhile so I have to apologize if it seems long. I just love Pinterest.




Pumpkin Curry Fritters. Need I say more?





Even though I’ve added to my bling, I still love these Cat Bird NYC rings. They’re so simple and elegant. If you’re a man looking for a gift to give your love, look at their stuff. Warning: They are expensive. Those aren’t fake diamonds.




I saw this on Lexie’s blog and loved it. It was so nice of Jones Design Company to offer this free download. If I had extra frames laying around I’d print it off right away. But I still need about 6 frames for art that we got as gifts. Oh well.



It’s pictures like this that make me wish I had my own home that had great old character. The walls may be a little much but I think I’d keep them. I’ve also always wanted a tub like that. OHH and who wouldn’t want a chandelier in their bathroom? (well, I wouldn’t want one above my tub just in case of freak accidents.




If I had a daughter that size I would make her go as Anna Wintour. Kudos to Oh Happy Day for the best kids Halloween costumes. I was talking to a friend about how awesome it would be if kids actually knew who Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Andre Leon Talley are. I would love it!!! Make sure click through their whole blog because there’s more cute costumes and great Halloween decorating ideas.





I think our living room needs a lamp and this one is perfect. I’ve had a thing for pineapples since high school. Our drama clubs symbol was a pineapple and it means hospitality and a warm welcome. Perfect for a living room!




I really love the contrast of the black and white. I’d definitely add in pops of color though.




A Beautiful Mess always has inpsiration things. This is Elsie’s kitchen that the hand-stamped. I love the colors and that’s the same color kitchen aid Mike and I got.  We may have the same color scheme goin on.






I thought this had some great Halloween ideas.





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