Fall Dream List

All the guest posts during my hiatus inspired me to write my own dreamy fall post. The cold weather is really here, — I took our air conditioner out of the window on Sunday — so now I’m forming a Fall Dream List in my head. It consists of a lot a lot of leather and things I’ll need with this new-ish job. Does anyone else think of lists of things you’d love to own each season?

I know it sounds completely materialistic, but a girl can dream, right?

Here’s what I’d love to own this Fall:

fall shoes
With a new “big girl job,” one of my big dreams is to buy a nice pair of work shoes. I would ideally want a pair of short boots that look cute with pants and dresses. I tried on booties at Madewell, but I learned that I’m very particular when it comes to boots. I think it’s year I invest in a nice pair of boots, so they have to be perfect. I will not spend over $100 with any doubt in my mind that they’re not the perfect pair for me. I might take me the whole Fall to find, but I’m liking the ones above. I think the key is a short heel, all leather (I’ll accept a little suede on the back like the Cole Haans if they’re comfy), and must be comfortable with traction. If I can’t find booties, I’ll end up getting loafers or printed flats.
From Top Left to Bottom Right:
Also with a new job comes the need to look grown up. I think a nice watch is essential for this image. It will also come in handy when I can’t have a phone out. And, since iOS7 drains my phone battery so much, I can’t really rely on my phone for the time. I’m basically looking for a oversized face with a gold or leather band –leaning more toward a leather, though.
From Top Left to Bottom Right:
Side note: La Mer is donating $20  to Susan B Komen for every watch purchased in October.
I need a big leather bag that will fit my work laptop. I’m leaning toward a more classic look this year. I realized I don’t have any big brown or black bags, but of course I had to throw some color options in there.
From Top Left to Bottom Right:
Now that I have the weekends off, I just want some comfy, but stylish sweats. Something my dad wouldn’t be embarrassed of if I went to the grocery store in them. It’s all in the styling.
From Top Left to Bottom Right:
Well that’s all for “closet” items, but stay tuned to other items. I know, I dream for a lot, but don’t worry, I won’t be crushed if I don’t get them all. 🙂
Happy Fall shopping! Tell me if you see any deals on any of these items.

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