Guest Post: See Shel’s Ten Reasons Fall is the Best

See Shel is written by Shelby Helton. I found her blog recently and immediately read her 101 in 1001. One of her things she wanted to do was contribute to a blog so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I know how fun it is to cross of a to-do list. See what “A Dreamy Fall” means to Shelby.

Ten Reasons Fall is the Best

Summer in Chicago is perfect. In my book, it’s a reward for making it through the extra long, extra cold winter. But the 90-something degree temps and humidity get really old, really fast. So even though I love the beach, all of the festivals and going for margs at Big Star, I can’t help but rejoice when September rolls around. Fall has definitely become one of my favorite seasons (it didn’t used to be and I can’t for the life of me remember why) so I thought I would list 10 reasons why!

Fall Clothes.  This is a given, right? I’m just going to go ahead and throw this out there….I look WAY better in a fall wardrobe. It just works for me. The neutral colors, the sweaters, the booties and flannel, all of it just suits me so much better!  (Side note: I’m doing everything I can to stop myself from buying the entire Wildly Simple line at Madewell. It’s like it was designed with me in mind!)


I mean, this look is everything to me right now!

Fall Coffee Menus.  I almost never order fall drinks and I’m probably one of the only white girls on the planet who isn’t excited that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks, but I love knowing that the fall menu is here.  I tend to stick with a vanilla latte or plain black coffee (and I do love a good Caramel Apple Spice). I love transitioning back into the hot coffee game once fall rolls around.  One of my favorite Starbucks has a “lounge” on their top floor….it’s full of tables and comfy chairs. You can also order your drink there and they bring it you in an actual mug, not a paper cup. It’s the best. It does get super busy (probably because it’s so great) and I’m totally guilty of racing someone to the last open chair.


Apple Cider.  I am OBSESSED with apple cider. I literally drink it by the gallon. All day, erryday. I can’t get enough of it.

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Family, friends, football and all the (delicious) food I can eat.  Talk about an ideal day.

New “back to school” supplies. I’m not a student any more, but I can’t pass up when office supplies go on sale at Target. I always, always stock up on cute notebooks and pens once fall hits.


Pie. Pie, in particular pie of the apple variety, just screams fall to me.

Scarves. Scarf weather is the best kind of weather. I own entirely too many and chances are that on a crisp fall day, I’m wearing one.

Fall TV. I watch more TV than I should probably care to admit. And now that most of my summer shows have wrapped now, I’m ready for my fall shows to start. I’m looking forward to Hawaii Five-0 and Parks and Rec!

Evening Walks. One of my favorite things is taking walks after dinner. I usually go with one of my best friends and its our chance to catch up on life during the week. Summer nights don’t cool off much in Chicago so I can’t wait for nights that require a baggy sweatshirt!

A Fresh Start.  For me, fall is a fresh start. Maybe it’s because I still sometimes measure the year by the school calendar? Who knows, but the start of fall gives me time to regroup and refocus.

 Thank you so much Shelby! If you like the way Shelby writes go to her website and Like her on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: See Shel’s Ten Reasons Fall is the Best

  1. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content.
    Please let me know. Cheers

  2. I think fall is the best especially for clothes and food! The weather is perfect too during fall, not too rainy and not too cold! Just the perfect time to enjoy sunny afternoons in the park, reading a book or chatting with some friends! I totally love fall!

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