Guest Post: Truly, Margaret Mary’s Perfect Fall Day

Many thanks to Katie for letting me share what my perfect fall day would look like. It will be helpful to come back to this reminder when instead of being surrounded by crunchy leaves and hot cider, the weather is ugly and I’m reminded that we have even worse around the corner. Yep, I’m learning to love autumn, but I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of what comes next. I know I’m not the only one in the Midwest that wonders why we don’t move south, right?!?

Anyway, here we go.

DTG A Fall Background

The day would start with an alarm-free wake-up and a good, stretchy yoga class because, frankly, that’s how all good days should start. On my way home from the studio, I would bundle up in a big, fuzzy sweatshirt and meet my husband at a local farmers market. Here, we would pick up pumpkins, freshly baked bread, and a chicken to roast that evening, while holding hands and munching on hot chocolates and churros from one of our favorite stands. (Because if this is my most dreamiest day, we’re going for full-on romantic gooey-ness!)

The next stop would be a cozy restaurant where I would meet girlfriends. We’d catch up on each other’s lives while enjoying French onion soup, warm bread with brie and honey, and glasses of sparkling rose wine (or grape juice for us preggos). Before leaving the area, I would pop in to my favorite clothing store and probably end up with a new dress or two and a lot of ideas for clothes already in my closet. (Am I the only one who does this?!)


When I got home, I’d knock out a recipe of homemade granola bars to make the house smell good and then enjoy a couple of hours of College Game Day, a pile of just-for-fun books and magazines, and my snuggly blanket (and a nap, if I’m honest). I’d finally get out of the warm and fuzzy clothes in preparation of a small dinner party at our house. Instead of yoga pants and tee, I would probably wear my go-to navy knit dress, fun, colored tights and my brown boots from Payless (don’t judge, they look great!)


For dinner, I would roast the aforementioned chicken with red potatoes and other root vegetables. I would have already prepared a fruit cobbler using pears and apples from the trees in our backyard and cinnamon from Penzey’s Spices, which I would serve with Purple Door whiskey ice cream. The guests would hang out for a few hours, bouncing between the kitchen, the backyard fire, and the Badger or Gamecock game on in the living room. When they left, you’d find me back on the couch (and back in the fuzzy sweatshirt) snuggling with the dude and my dog, watching a Netflix movie or DVRed TV shows while starting to doze.

Man, this day sounds great. I wonder if I can recreate it in person this weekend. Wish me luck! And I wish you a great fall (and a better than “eh” winter)!

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