A Book A Month(August): The Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

I love you Dreamers who suggest books. The Rules of Civility is now in on my top 10 list…I think. Maybe I’m partial because the main character’s name is Katie. Please read on and learn about the book (sorry it’s not in complete detail, but I’d probably spoil it if I did) and then leave your thoughts.

Book Info

Title: The Rules of Civility

Pages: 300

Synopsis: Katey Kontent knows how to love the right things; NYC (all it’s glorious churches and private clubs), great men (not always at the best of time), climbing the social ladder, working hard, reading great books, and more. She goes through a couple of hard trials while working her way up from being a part of a Wall Street secretarial pool toward the upper echelons of New York society, and the executive suites of Condé Nast, but in the end, you know she’s going to make it.

Opinion:  I really don’t want to say much because I’ll ruin the book. I fell in love with Katey’s character because she worked hard, knew how to party — and how to stretch $3–, got lost in reading all genres of literature, and was a good sense of character. I rooted for her in every romance she partook in and I only wanted the best for her. I think everyone can also relate to her one crazy and over-privileged friend Eve, too. It’s a great book to read if you’re new to New York City or want a sense of what NYC is like –even though it’s set around the Great Depression. Just go read it and we can gush about it together!

Rating: 10/10. I loved every bit of it.

What did you think of Rules of Civility?


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